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Our ambassador, Laura Valette started the season in Angers on May 15th. During this meeting, Laura equalled her personal best in the 100m hurdles in 12,87s (+1.5m/s).

Equipped with KEY ONE during this meeting, Laura was very satisfied. We take this opportunity to share with you her feedbacks.





It was so cool not to have to take the spikes off and on: what a time saver!

I was the only athlete with the KEY ONE and as a result, it was pretty funny to see the other girls walking around like “penguins” while I was walking normally and comfortably in my KEY ONE.


The tightening and loosening system is really good. It’s easy to use, I really love this principle of a wheel that you turn to tighten and a button that you press to loosen.


Regarding the storage, I left my KEY ONE on my tips and hop, straight into the bag, fast, efficient and above all I am not afraid that my tips pierce my deodorant…





During this competition, the weather was very variable, and it rained a lot, so the ground was quite wet. The KEY ONE’s served me well with the rain:

During the heats, I was able to warm up on the track for the heats. I went directly to the track with my spikes on, except that we had to go through the grass and with the rain that had fallen, my spikes were soaked before I even ran. I can’t explain how unpleasant it was, even destabilizing.

On the other hand, in the finals I trained under the bleachers and then I put on my KEY ONEs to go on the track… and there I had dry feet, I was very happy! Of course the soles were wet but not my toes and therefore not my feet.





I was very happy to have my KEY ONE‘s because they really limited the problems that I normally experience at every race, so I didn’t have to think about it and I could focus on my race. I really recommend them to all athletes, it changes your life! 



Laura Valette

Laura Valette

100m hurdles french athlete


Gold medal Youth Olympic Games

Bronze medal at the European Junior Championships

3rd at the European Espoir Championships