1 YEAR since the release
of the KEY ONE



Today it’s been a year. One year since February 17, 2021 that we launched our precious innovation, the KEY ONE! First on presale, then on immediate sale for two months now, the KEY ONE are now part of the routine of many athletes around the world. Let’s get back to the 1 year anniversary.



KEYENA created in 2020 by the Ebroïcian 4h athlete Coralie Gassama unveils to the general public her patented innovation, the KEY ONE after nearly three years of reflection, design, doubt and motivation. On February 17, 2021, KEYENA is launched and it is the beginning of an adventure.


On Wednesday, February 17, 2021, we introduced you to the KEY ONE through our launch video: pre-orders are launched! You have welcomed our product in the most beautiful way and you were very enthusiastic. Unfortunately, due to the health crisis, the company is facing a delay in the supply of materials and a delay in the delivery of the molds. To our great disappointment, we will only be able to deliver in December. In parallel we continue the promotion of the first protective soles on social networks, on our website, through medias and thanks to our precious ambassadors but also in physical by going to partner meetings in all France. In terms of design, we are also working on another model of KEY ONE complementary to the first one for the disciplines of high jump, triple jump and shot put.


One year that our three ambassadors Laura Valette, Valentin Lavillenie, Pascal Martinot-Lagarde follow and support us, followed by Yanis David and recently by Claire Palou. Equipped with the KEY ONE, each of them has integrated it in their training habits but also in competitions during meetings, championships and even during the last Olympic Games in Tokyo. The KEY ONE will surely be taken to the World Championships in Belgrade at the feet of our athletes.


Since I received the KEY ONE, they have never left my spikes. I use them in training as well as in competition. The KEY ONE are very useful in my routine, especially for not damaging anything in my bag, for more practicality, especially when I go to the bathroom or to the call room during competitions. The comfort is also very important, walking on the heels is fine for 2 minutes…

Laura and the KEY ONE


I mainly use the KEY ONE in competitions. They stay nested on the spikes, which allows me to store them and protect all my stuff in the spike bag. What I also like about the KEY ONE is that it protects my spikes by limiting their wear and tear and that’s a big advantage, especially when it’s my favorite spikes.

Valentin and the KEY ONE
Pascal and the KEY ONE


I use the KEY ONE in training as well as in competitions. I use them for storage, they are always nested on my spikes, for practicality and to limit the wear of my spikes. What I like most about this product is its practicality, it makes my life so much easier, it avoids having to think about all the usual “logistics”: wondering whether I’m going to the bathroom or not because I might be late.

Yanis and the KEY ONE


Nails marketed today offer less and less the possibility of exchanging the nails, so the KEY ONE brings a real advantage by protecting the nails and its nails. And then when I go to a competition by plane with only a backpack, I’m not afraid of piercing anything, of making a hole in my clothes. I put them on quickly to go to the bathroom to walk on the tile floor, it saves me time taking off and putting my spikes back on.


Alba wearing the KEY ONE

One year that you follow us on our social networks, that you come to meet us on events, that you support us with your sweet words that you make us the most relevant feedbacks. It took a few months of patience to be able to finally put on these little wonders.

Without you we are nothing, it is obvious, so thank you, because without your support, nothing would have been possible <3

Maxime wearing the KEY ONE
200 customers
10 countries


We have met extraordinary people from the field with whom we share the same values and who have trusted us. Some of them have become friends: Linford and Arthur from Stadion, Martin and the whole Elite Track and Field team and many others. Internally we have advanced as a team with Alice and Justine who worked for Keyena for 3 months, Nawel who started last October and Eloïse who has been here since February 2021.

It also seems important to us to mention the investors without whom the company would not have been able to move forward, but also all the service providers with whom we have established a working relationship, Remi from the RS MONTAGE factory, Hugo from Atelier Carraz for the marking, the AGCAD design office, Valentine the graphic designer, By Agency with whom we made the packaging, MOS organization with whom we made the customer studies and many others…

We cannot forget the incubator Manufcatory la Doua and all its occupants (start-ups, tutors), our coaches Laurent, Jonathan, Sacha who by their precious advices guide us to take the best decisions but also all the other parties involved from near or far in the company and the projects we lead.


So here is a year that has been rich in emotions and accomplishments. This is only the beginning and the best is yet to come!